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If you played Clash of Clans and liked it, you will definitely be amazed by how awesome their new game is. Supercell has come up with another game for their Clash universe, and it’s called Clash Royale.

It came out just a bit earlier this year, and it’s already one of the most popular games out there. It features a little bit different gameplay so if you’re interested, stick around and find out more.

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Clash Royale

1-minAs we already mentioned Clash Royale is a game based on the Supercell’s Clash universe, and all the characters that you’re going to see in this game will already be familiar. If we had to compare this game to some other game, it would probably be closest to Blizzard’s Hearthstone. It also uses cards, you have to work to unlock more and more cards, and the theme is based on something that already exists.

Clash Royale is like Clash of Clans and Hearthstone combined.

Though the gameplay can’t really be compared to either of those games, it’s a breath of fresh air, and it will certainly keep you busy for hours.

In Clash Royale you will also see elixir, gold, and gems, but unlike in Clash of Clans, they will be used quite differently.

Clash Royale Gameplay

Now onto the most important part – Gameplay. In Clash Royale you will be given a castle, two towers and a deck of cards of your choice. Your opponent will have the same, and the victor will be determined purely by skill, strategy and the strength of the cards. There is a little bit of luck involved too, but we’ll get onto that in just a bit.

The map is always the same; it’s like a mini MOBA. It has two lanes, on each lane, there’s a tower and a castle between the two towers. In order to destroy the towers and eventually the castle, you will have to send your minions that are played in the form of cards. You will have cards like goblins, archers, prince, giant, and so on. Some minions synergize better with other minions so choose carefully what you’re going to play.

Now, if it were only up to the strength of the cards, it would be just too easy, so they introduced another aspect to the complexity of the game – elixir.

Each card costs a different amount of elixir and the amount of elixir that you have slowly regenerates over time. This means that you have to choose carefully which cards you’re going to play. Otherwise, you will be elixir-starved and open for an enemy counter-attack.

There are three ways to win in Clash Royale, and they are the following: Winning by destroying the castle, winning by having more crowns and winning in sudden death. The crown count is simple, if you destroy one tower, you get one crown. So if the time expires and you have more crowns, you win. However, if you’ve both destroyed one tower only and the game comes to a sudden death mode, the next crown or castle destroyed determines the victor. Since the game lasts only for about three minutes and the elixir replenishment isn’t all that fast, they’ve decided to make the last sixty seconds of the round more competitive, and they’ve double the amount of elixir gained. This means you need fast fingers and fast decision-making skills. Overall it’s an amazing game and if you haven’t tried it already, make sure that you do as soon as possible. Mobile gaming is huge now but if you are more into consoles then check our free psn code generator guide.


We’ve already explained how elixir works, however, there are two more types of resources in Clash Royale and they are gems and gold. Almost everything is the same as in Clash of Clans except that there are no dark elixir resources. Now, during battle gems and gold don’t matter at all, but since most battles are determined before they even start, gems and gold may prove more useful than elixir ever will. Gold is used for upgrading already existing cards, as well as purchasing currently available upgrades from the shop. For example, if Prince card appears in the shop, only one upgrade costs a thousand gold coins. This is a huge amount of gold since for one victory gained you only receive around ten gold coins. So imagine how many battles you would have to win in order to unlock that card. Gold can also be obtained by opening battle chests. You can receive different types of chests after your victory. For example, you can get a starter chest which only contains a little bit of gold and only two cards, or you can get a gold chest which contains fifty to seventy gold and ten cards. This usually depends on your current level and rating and what-not, but the more important part – time spent on the opening of the chests.

The higher quality the chest is, the more time you will have to wait until you’ve opened it. This kills all the fun since the number of chests you can have at one time is four. So after you decide to open, let’s say, a golden chest, you will have to wait for some eight hours, but over the next ten minutes, you will have already filled the remaining three chest positions. All that remains from winning the battle is getting a small sum of gold and rating points. This all can be avoided by using the gems.

Gems are a premium resource, and they can’t be obtained just by playing the game. They can only be obtained through the shop, and they cost a lot of money. If you want to continue opening the chests, boosting your cards or even purchasing new ones, you will have to either open your wallet or wait for a long time. That’s one bad side of free games; they are never really free.

On the bright side, the Clash Royale Hack has already been made, and it’s out there for anybody who wants to use it. If you’re interested in how it works, you will find all the information you need below.

Clash Royale Hack

2-minSince people generally dislike waiting for hours, even days to continue playing their favorite game, they usually come up with a solution for their problems, and in this particular instance, the solution is this magnificent Clash Royale cheats. The word cheat here is maybe a bit too harsh as we’re not really cheating anybody. We just want to play the game and have fun. It’s them who are cheating us. They make us addicted to their little game, and after a while, they ask us to pay money to continue playing or to wait for ages without our daily dose of fun.

If you agree with us, then this is a perfect little tool for you. Clash Royale cheat works quite easily. The hackers have managed to infiltrate the Clash Royale database and connect their gems generator to the Supercell’s servers. By doing that, they have enabled unlimited gems to be generated for anyone who wants to use them.

You can find Clash Royale hack here, and you will see that it is very easy to use and that it delivers in a matter of seconds. All you will have to do is type in your username, the platform your mobile device is using (iOS or Android) and select the amount of gems that you want to be added to your account.

You can add unlimited amount of gems as you can repeat this process over and over again. We’ve made some fixed amounts (counting hundreds of thousands of gems) so that you don’t have to repeat the process that often, but should you ever find yourself in need of gems, you can always return to the same Clash Royale Hack and generate as many more as you want.

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Cloaking your identity

If you don’t want us or anyone else to know that you’ve generated gems with our Clash Royale cheats then there is an option just below the username that you can enable to encrypt all your data and no one will ever know that you’ve been here.

We don’t really care how many gems you generate and what you do with them, the username and platform you type in are only there so that the generator can know where to send the gems. We’ve created this cheat only so that we can all play the game and enjoy ourselves.

Do you really think that all those top players got to where they are in such a short amount of time by playing the game and waiting for the chests to open on their own? If not, even less believable scenario is that they paid thousands of dollars for a game that is supposedly free. Everyone is using this Clash Royale cheats, why shouldn’t you?

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