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Playstation is one of the most popular consoles out there and rightfully so. If you’ve played a bunch of different consoles, you know that Playstation’s place is at the top.

Sony Playstation has been with us for more than twenty years now, and they have endured the test of time. Their technology changes as times change and they are always one step ahead of the competition. With the newest edition, the PSN (Playstation Network), they’ve changed a one-feature-console into a multitasking device that can do almost anything you’d want it to do.

What can I do with a PS4 aside from playing games?

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3Playstation’s primary purpose has always revolved around games, and that hasn’t changed with the PS4, but they have implemented many more things that you can do aside from playing games.

First of all, there is one thing that you must know. There are regular accounts, and then there are premium accounts. Premium accounts can be unlocked by subscribing to PSN and paying a monthly fee to keep your account upgraded. We will talk about PlayStation Plus accounts in just a bit, but first, here’s what you can do without a premium account.

Having a regular PSN account will allow you to access entertainment, film, and TV services. You will be able to share your gameplay and screenshots with others by using Twitter, Facebook, or by livestreaming your gameplay using Twitch or Ustream.

PlayStation Store access is available to all users. You will be able to send and receive messages from other users, compare trophies with them, and use voice chat.

PlayStation also allows you to browse the web and use PlayStation app services on iOS or Android.

So, here you can see that they changed quite a lot and transformed a simple console into a multifunctional device that can almost replace a PC.

They’ve thought about everything that gamers need, including replacing the third-party software like Skype or TeamSpeak for voice chat and implementing their own.

What are the benefits of a premium PSN account or a PSN+?

Aside from all these amazing features, Sony has implemented a number of things that only the premium users can benefit from. It can be of no importance to you at all, or it can mean everything to you. It really depends on which kind of gamer you are.

If you love being competitive, there’s just no way that you can forget about this feature as PSN Plus accounts are required for multiplayer games.

This is one of the main reasons why people choose to upgrade their regular accounts. Imagine having Battlefield or Call of Duty and playing it on your own. It’s simply not the same.

If you want to game with your friends online, you will have to purchase the premium account.

Now, if it were the only thing that premium account users benefit from it probably wouldn’t be all that important, but it has many other benefits too.

PlayStation Plus accounts also benefit from discounts, online game saves, instant game collection, and many other benefits such as early access to exclusive games, automatic downloads and installation, free games, and so on.

The subscription cost for a premium account decreases with the number of months that you subscribe to. Which means if you buy the full year subscription you will pay the least on a monthly basis. They also give out a ton of free games to people who subscribe for a full year, so if you know that you’re going to game with your friends online for a long time, it might be a good investment.

How can I add funds to my PSN account?

4-minSony has allowed two different ways of adding funds to your account. First one is by using your credit card and simply going online, typing in your information and how much money you want to add, and that’s it. And the second one is by using PSN codes.

Now, you may wonder, why are there two methods when paying with a credit card is very easy and convenient? Well, first of all, people are scared to use their credit cards online, and that’s reasonable.

Those who don’t know how it all works are afraid of being scammed or their identities stolen, so they simply avoid paying for anything with their credit cards aside from things that they really have to. Risking thousands of dollars to add only fifty to your PSN account seems like an unnecessary risk to them, and they opt for the second option, the PSN codes. Furthermore, not everyone has a credit card, especially the younger generations.

So, how does the second method work?

PSN codes can be found on PSN cards which can be bought in stores. There are different types of PSN cards, and they contain different amounts of money. There are ten dollar cards, twenty dollar cards, fifty dollar cards and a hundred dollar cards. All of these cost a dollar or two more than what they are worth, but people find that price acceptable, since they don’t want to risk their credit cards.

Once you’ve bought the PSN card, you come home, start your PlayStation, go to your account and find an option to add a code. Type in the code, and you’ve just added funds to your account.

It’s a neat little option, but Sony forgot one thing – They forgot that there are people who are going to exploit such an option. Check our latest post about free instagram followers hack is you are fan of instagram

PSN code generator

Because of the PSN cards, our hackers have successfully created a PSN code generator that can create unique PSN codes and use them to add funds to any account.

You see, PSN cards are made by using a complex algorithm that pumps out unique codes in various worth. It’s made in a way to never recreate the same code sequence as it has once made, and it keeps track of everything that has been made up until now. Our hackers have been able to exploit this weakness and infiltrate into the Sony’s database and create a code generator linked to the one they already have. This way we can create as many free PSN codes as we want.

Because we don’t steal from them (you can’t steal something that hasn’t been made yet) they don’t know that we’re creating these codes and they can’t prove it in any way.

Our PSN code generator can create any amount of free PSN codes, so in other words, we have an unlimited source of free PSN codes in our hands.

If you share our views that PSN games are simply too expensive and that paying well over fifty dollars for a single games is way too much, then you are welcome to use our generator.

Not just the games, but also the premium account. We’ve already spoken about the benefits of a premium account, and we think that such a thing shouldn’t exist. Why should you pay even more after purchasing the game and buying the console, just so that you’d be able to play with your friends online?

We believe that buying the console is enough money spent on gaming and that PSN cards should be obsolete.

What can I do with all the free PSN codes?

Since our PSN code generator is completely free and open to the public, once you generate your free PSN code, we don’t care what you do with it. It’s yours and yours alone. If you want to use it just for your own benefit, we’re fine with that, if you want to share it with friends, by all means, do.

You can basically purchase every game out there, pay subscriptions for as long as you’re alive, trade your PSN cards for something else, or even sell them.

We’ve made our fair share of money by using this method and selling the cards way under the price. But now we think that that’s no different from what the Sony corporation is doing so we decided to share this method with everybody else.

If you, however, decide to make money using our generator, we don’t mind. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s for everyone, and we don’t care what you do with it.

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You can create one PSN card or a thousand; it’s simply up to you.

Our game recommendation

Now that you can play virtually any game in the PS4 universe, we would like to recommend our pick of the litter. The game that we would recommend with all our heart is almost as old as the Playstation, and it’s a part of the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard came out just a few days ago, and we can assure you, it’s the best one they’ve made so far.

If you’re unfamiliar with Resident Evil series, you can find out more here. Just a little hint, it involves a lot of zombies, monsters, and post-apocalyptic events. If you’re a fan of horror games, this one will definitely blow your mind.

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