Global warming and Technology to prevent it

We are sure that you are familiar with the concept of Global Warming and the catastrophic consequences it can have on our planet. By now it has been mentioned too many times and some argue that it’s true and that it’s inevitably coming for us if we don’t change our way while others call it a hoax.

If you are not informed well enough you probably don’t know what to believe. After all, there are no crazy signs that the doomsday is near, right?

Well, believe it or not, Global Warming is real, and it’s coming. We are not yet ”doomed”, but we are steadily progressing towards the point of no return. The people who call hoax on the issue of global warming are those who get rich by polluting the earth. For an example, why would an oil company president agree with the global warming and shut down his multi-billion dollar company?

The first reason why you should believe that it’s coming is the change in the average temperature. Global warming doesn’t mean that everything will change all of a sudden, quite the contrary, it means we will slowly change our climate into something yet unseen. Though, you may think to yourself – ”who cares if the temperature increase for just a few degree Celsius? It’s not a big deal.” But it really is. When it comes to climate change, a few degrees difference can mean catastrophic storms.566f27af1900002300789d67-min

So, why is the temperature constantly rising, what will happen if nothing is done, and what can we do about it? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions.

Global Warming

What is global warming and why does our planet keep getting hotter?

The easiest way to explain the concept of global warming and how it works is to compare it with the greenhouse.

You see, the concept of the greenhouse is quite simple. You cover your herbs with a certain material that let the sun rays pass through it but in return, it traps the light and converts it into heat. Another example is a car with its windows rolled up. The temperature inside of a car will be significantly higher than the temperature outside of the car.

With Global Warming there is no windows or greenhouse glass, there are gasses.

Here, the gasses trap the heat and they don’t let our planet cool down. The more methane, carbon hydrate, and other harmful gasses there are in the atmosphere, the higher the temperature will be. The problem with this is there is a point of no return, which if crossed, the temperature will constantly keep rising and there will be nothing we can do about it.

Global warming hasn’t been a problem for billions of years because our planet has its own way of doing things, and it is a way we are all used to, however, with our influence we will only make things worse. The biggest problem today are factories, transportation and energy creating constructions that use fuel.

Global warming consequences

The biggest problems that will come with global warming are the following:

– Frequent and severe weather

– Higher Death Rate

– Higher wildlife extinction rate

– Higher sea levels

– Dirtier air

– And more acidic oceans

A change in the global temperature can cause catastrophic weather. The higher the temperature, the greater the magnitude of a disaster. Global temperature rise will cause more frequent and more severe floods, droughts, storms, and heat waves.

A rise in the sea level because of the melting polar ice caps may not concern you because you will not directly be influenced by it, but many people will. The speculation is that by the year 2100, the average sea level will rise for about one to four feet. This spells doom for most island populations, but also the major coastal cities like New York, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and many more.

What can we do about it, and is it too late?

It’s not too late. There is still time for us to change our ways and stop the global warming. As the highest contributors to this problem are the burning of fossil fuel, natural gas, oil, and coal, we have to switch to other green ways of creating energy.

Instead of burning coal to get electricity, we can build windmills, solar panels, and more. We can use the power of water and create dams on rivers which would create electricity with no emission whatsoever. We can use electric cars for transportation, and so on.

These things are being implemented all over the world, but not fast enough, and not in sufficient numbers. There are some revolutionary minds out there like Elon Musk, who are trying to better our world, but there are simply too many greedy men who would rather keep their fortune than save our planet.

The latest revolutions in transportation came from no other but Elon Musk who is seeking to change our view on car transportation and trains.

He has, in a partnership with Tesla Motors, designed a vehicle that not only runs on electricity but can also work without a driver. It can connect with the satellites, using the GPS systems and navigate through traffic completely on its own. But the most important part is that it can be used as a taxi service too. Imagine having your car work for you while you’re sitting in your office, doing your regular job. If this idea doesn’t inspire you to buy an electric car, nothing will.

The second amazing idea will most likely change the way we think about trains. He has constructed a concept of having this weird train that runs up to 1000 km/h and creates more energy than it consumes. The idea is called hyperloop and it’s already being tested. The first country that will construct a hyperloop will be the United Arab Emirates, and they are hoping to have it done in 2017.

Author: Jonathan

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